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Alcohol Detection Products

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Alcohol Detection Products and Electronic Breathalyzers for Individuals such as

Personal Breathalyzers, alcohol breath testers, alcohol testers with semiconductor..

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Single-use Breathalyzers Vending Machine

Breathalyzers Vending Machine Single-use

Single-use Breathalyzers Vending Machine

Licensed Establishments. Are you the

owner of a licensed...

BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer - APC-1158

BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer

The BACtrack Mobile breathalyzer with its

iPhone and Android compatibility allows you to

view your blood alcohol...

BACtrack Element Breathalyzer - APC-1152

Element Breathalyzer - BACtrack

BACtrack Element breathalyzer detects

alcohol. It is a powerful and elegant device. It

works with the technology...

i Alco Supreme Breathalyzer - APC-1089

i Alco Supreme Breathalyzer

i Alco Supreme. The i Alco Supreme is an

electronic breathalyzer that connects via

Bluetooth to Android phones...

APC-80 Breathalyzer - APC-1012

APC-80 Breathalyzer

The Electronic Breathalyzer APC-80 Elite with

an electrochemical sensor that is compact and

reliable!. Discover also...

APC-90 Breathalyzer - APC-1015

APC-90 Breathalyzer

Electronic Breathalyzer APC-90 is one of our

best breathalyzer recognized as the number 1

choice by our customers...

Anti-Sleep Headset - APC-1057

Anti-Sleep Headset

Anti-Sleep Headset SOS Fatigue is a tool to

help you avoid falling asleep at the wheel. A

headset that will allow you...

Anti-Sleep Headset with Alarm - APC-1058

Anti-Sleep Headset with Alarm

Anti-Sleep Headset with Alarm SOS Fatigue

Pro. The SOS fatigue pro is anti-sleep headset

The device with a built in...

Alcohol Detection

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or electochemical sensor. A breathalyzer with a semiconductor sensor and a display

reading of 2 decimals. Economical and easy to use.

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