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Breathalyzers Vending Machine

SKU: Vending

Single-use Breathalyzers Vending Machine - Licensed Establishments. Are you the

owner of a licensed establishment, such as restaurant, bar, club, reception hall..

Single-use Breathalyzers Vending Machine

hotel or other organization serving of alcohol

the single-use breathalyzer vending machine

is perfect for you. Offer your customers and

in this case, yourselves, peace of mind by

putting at their disposal a vending machine

of single-use, breath alcohol testing devices.

A trendy idea responding to real consumer

needs, for anyone wanted to test their rate of

alcohol before taking to the road. This single-use breathalyzer vending machine presents a

stylish design that will appear not only well on the wall, but which will be issued to the

owner of the establishment demonstrating great social responsibility to save lives.

Single-use breathalyzer approved by the FDA and MADD Canada Mothers Against Drunk

Driving. TÜV certified, a different color for each blood alcohol rate!. Easy to Use. Reliable.

Economic. Offers peace of mind. Responds to a need very tendency Ready to be used at the

point of sale. Vending machine. Easy to Use Delivered including a custom design extra fee.

Profit margins to the average

Qty/Product 100
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Jan 27/23

Alcohol Detection