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i Alco Supreme Breathalyzer

SKU: APC-1089

i Alco Supreme. The i Alco Supreme is an electronic breathalyzer that connects via

Bluetooth to Android phones and tablets as well as those of Apple brand. The i Alco



i Alco Supreme Breathalyzer - APC-1089

Supreme allows you to view your alcohol blood content on the screen of your

favorite device in just seconds!. Rated best product – Rated VERY GOOD (highest

rating) by several medias and independent magazines. The i Alco Supreme, making

your smartphone even smarter!. Moreover, among other features, the i Alco Supreme

provides you with all these: Several attractive visual displays so that you can best

use the breathalyser and interpret obtained results. The application indicates the

time required for you to reach a zero-alcohol level or equivalent to the legal limit.

You have access to your last 500 results and can send them via text message,

Facebook or Twitter to another smartphone!. You can set the legal limit according to

the standards and measurement unit of the country or Province you travel to or the

place where you find yourself in!. Reminder indicating that the device calibration is

required. Low battery indicator easy to interpret. Available in 3 attractive colors:

black, pink and white. Ability to add paid apps to make your i Alco Supreme even


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Price 159.95

Jan 27/23

Alcohol Detection