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New Products

Architectural Plaques - Custom Signs


Architectural signs from Sterling Promotions are made to your specifications such as

custom lobby and building signs they're made to order, either machined out of metal

Laminated Sign Letters


Solid cast brass sign

Cast Brass

Backlit Halo Sign

Backlit Halo

Injection Molded Letters

Molded Letters

Formed Plastic Letters

Formed Plastic

Formed Plastic Sign

Formed Sign

Laser Cut Acrylic

Laser Cut Acrylic

Flat Cut Metal Sign

Flat Cut Metal

Flat Cut Metal Sign

Metal Sign

Painted Gold Sign

Painted Gold

Flat Cut Metal Letters

Flat Cut Metal

Projected Sign

Projected Sign

plastic, cast or etched, any font style or logo design laminated, injection molded or

formed out of plastic, also we provide laser cut acrylic shapes with custom style and

logo, for more durability, you might require flat cut metal, painted or just natural

color letters with your required finish, they are made for all types of industries.