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Custom Sign Services

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At Sterling Promotions Inc. Guelph, we provide custom signs and plaques including,

cast, engraved, etched metal plaques and awards for architectural applications, all

Cast Bronze Plaque

Custom Machined Outdoor Bronze Plaques

Custom etched, cast and machined signs

made out of brass, bronze and steel also

plaques, sculpted or engraved...

Custom Engraving

Custom Engraving Services

Custom Etched Signs

Custom Etched Metal Plates

If you need etched or precision machined

metal plaques, we provide custom etched

stainless steel, copper...

Architectural Signs

Custom Made Architectural Signs

Architectural signs from Sterling Promotions

are made to your specifications such as custom

lobby and building signs...

Illuminated Sign Boxes

Custom Illuminated Sign Boxes

Custom illuminated sign boxes, they're made

out of black painted metal single sided for

indoor applications only...

Letters, Logos & Plaques

Custom Sign Letters and Logos

Custom Plastic Letters | Metal Logos

Metal Plaques

Custom Metal Plaques

Logos, Custom & Stock

Custom Vinyl Cut Logos

These Custom Logos are designed and made

for Metal plaques and plastic formed letters

including Vinyl cut an...

Vinyl Colours

Cast and Extruded Vinyl Color Chart

2.5-mil, intermediate calendered PVC film with

excellent dimensional stability and very good

cutting and application...

Letters and Numbers

Sign Numbers and Letters

All individual signs, numbers and letters are

custom made to your specifications, they are

personalized, either text or...

Sidewalk Signs

Custom Printed Sidewalk Board A Signs

Most robust sidewalk sign in the market today.

they're roto-molded with impact modified

plastic a high-density...

Precision Plaques

Precision Tooled Bronze Plaques

Precision Tooled Engraved Aluminum Plaque

by Sterling Promotions. Guelph, we provide

custom plaques including...

Vista Signs


Wherever your signage company is headed,

Vista System will get you there. As today’s

world leader in wayfinding signage.

customized outdoor metal letters including water jet cut metal numbers also we provide

cast bronze plaques, for parks and recreation locations in Canada and the United States

including individual numbers and letters, sidewalk A-frames, precision computer cut various

types of material from vectorized files nearly unlimited shapes and sizes at no extra cost

including branded aluminum, bronze or brass plaques.

Signs and Engraving