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Custom Engraving Services

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At Sterling Promotions we do in house Custom Engraving Services, at our Guelph

location, serving our local clients and abroad, including customize and engrave

Custom Engraved Signs

Custom Engraved Signs

Custom engraved signs prices includes one

line of text in a standard Aerial or Gothic style

characters, size to suit...

Braille and Tactile Signs

Custom Engraved ADA Braille Signs

Engraved Plates, Tags and Badges

Custom Printed and Engraved Name Tags

Custom engraved your text on a plate of your

choice as of these Engraved Plates or Membership

Cards or the Decorated Tags..

Engraving Plastic and Aluminu

Custom Engraving Font Styles

Custom engraved your text on a plate of your

style the way you type it in on your order, if

you use UPPER and...

Engraving Material

Engraving Plastic and Metal

Engraving Material plastic and metal basic

colors. Here are the Engraving Material Plastic Clrs

or Engraving Metal Solid Colors all are made out

of solid thin material 1/16 inch plastic...

Sign Holders

Metal Name Plate Holders

This is a selection of name plate holders for your

engraved plate here are the following holders

such as the Sign and Nameplate Holders and the

Wall Sign/Plate Holder and Wooden Desk Wedges

Name Badge Attachments

Name Tag Attachments and Accessories

Name badge accessories, such as pins, clip or

magnets fasteners they're available in a variety

of styles as the badge...

Badge Accessories

Name Badge Accessories

Desk Wedges

Custom Desk Nameplate Wedges

Desk wedges and name plate holders, are

available in 2 x 8 and 2 x 10 inches solid

Walnut, Marble and piano...

signs, plastic and metal plates, stock sign holders, of all kinds, including desk holders, wall

mounting holders, and wall brackets, we engrave plastic and metal tags and Badges, our

custom engraved signs prices includes one line engraved, you have a choice of material from

our stock of many colored plastic engraving material to choose from, please inquire!.

Custom Signs