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Linear Kiosks - Info Centers


Linear Kiosks 01, 02 and 05 are part of linear kiosks series, they are made out of

extrusion based construction coupled with your choice of rigid graphic infill panels

FMLT-KIOSK-01 - Formulate® Kiosk 01

Kiosk 01

FMLT-KIOSK-02 - Formulate® Kiosk 02

Formulate® 02

FMLT-KIOSK-03 - Formulate® Kiosk 03

Kiosk 03

FMLT-KIOSK-04 - Formulate® Kiosk 04


LN-K-01 - Linear Kiosk 01 Kit

Linear Kiosk 01

PM4S3-MK-SHELF-UNIT - Freestanding Shelf

Shelf Kiosk

TABLET-STD-05 - Formulate® iPad Kiosk 05

iPad Kiosk 05

OR-KIOSK-06 - Orbital Kiosk 06

Orbital Kiosk 06

LN-K-3P-22 - Linear PRO Kit 22

Pro Kiosk Kit

LN-K-3P-25 - Linear PRO Kit 25

Linear Pro Kit

LN-K-3P-26H - Linear PRO Kit 26

Linear PRO 26

LN-K-3P-27 - Linear PRO Kit 27

Linear Pro Kit 27

or frosted plex panels make these kiosks sturdy and versatile. Take a look at the

linear Pro Kit 22, hardware with graphics or linear™ pro 10' x 10' kit provide modern

slick and stylish appearance. The extrusion based exhibits feature velcro-applied

fabric graphics. Headers and wings available in printed graphics or frosted plex. Kits

comes with a fabric graphic canopy, two lights and ship in durable storage cases.