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Custom Printed Products

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Printed Promo Products from a large variety of items for your business, home or

office most of these products can be with customized with your logo and information..

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Custom Printed Place Mat - PLM1R-4CP

Custom Printed Paper Placemats

Custom printed place mat 1/16 inch thick white

synthetic rubber. Standard shape 11 x 17

inches rectangle...

Magnetic Bookmarks

Personalized Magnetic Bookmarks

1 Standard color included, white gloss vinyl

magnetic bookmarks with bleed edge, silk

screen printed on...


Custom Plastic Bookmarks

.020 Custom Plastic Bookmarks bookmarks.

Four color process high-resolution digital print,

punched hole, silver...

Custom Vinyl Bumper Stickers

Custom Printed Bumper Stickers

Office Supplies

Personalized Office Supplies

Shelf Wobblers

Custom Shelf Wobblers

Printed Stickers

Custom Printed Stickers

Printed Magnets

Custom Printed Magnets

Custom Vinyl Rulers

Custom Plastic Rulers

36 inches Styrene yardsticks are logo

personalized and the vinyl rulers are available

in clear or white, the...

Doorknob Hangers

Custom Door Knob Hanger

White Gloss Vinyl Plastic Card - PCS/010-4CP

White Gloss Vinyl Plastic Card

.010 white gloss Vinyl Plastic Card special size

2.125 x 3.375 inches, four color process high

resolution digital...

Bottle Neck Tag - BNT1

Custom Bottle Neck Hang Tags

14 pt Card stock Bottle Neck Tag 2.5 x 5.25 inches,

Printed both sides in 4 color process

at 150 lpi and...

Printed Items

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