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Custom Door Knob Hangers

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Custom Door Knob Hangers are made out of cardboard or pvc plastic all done under

one roof, feel free to incorporate your logo or message with our products, you may..

DH2/020-4CP - .020 White Vinyl Door Hangers

Door Knob Hangers

SKU: DH2/020-4CP

.020 White Vinyl Door knob Hangers with

round corners. Stock rectangular, 3.5 x 8

inches Digitally printed in high...

DH3/020-4CP - .020 White Vinyl Door Or Shower Hangers

Vinyl Shower Hanger

SKU: DH3/020-4CP

White Vinyl Door knob or shower hangers .020

thick with square corners 3.5 x 8 inches, four

color process, they're made from...

DH5-4CP - Doorknob Hangers

Door knob Hanger


Digitally printed, high resolution full color .020

white vinyl plastic doorknob hangers stock

rectangular shape with round...

DH2/020 - .020 White Vinyl Door Hangers

Door Knob Hangers

SKU: DH2/020

Free electronic proof when your file supplied

to our specs .020 thick white Vinyl plastic door

knob Hangers. Stock rectangular...

DH3/020 -.020 White Vinyl Door Hangers

Door Knob Hanger

SKU: DH3/020

Vinyl Plastic door knob hangers, rectangular

shape and square corners 3.5 x 8 inches

screen-printed in spot colour at...

DH4/020 - .020 Screen-printed Door Hangers

Printed Hangers

SKU: DH4/020

Custom Doorknob Hangers 3.75 x 7.5 are

made out of .020 white vinyl screen printed

any bleed edge. 4CP - Copy or...

DH5/020 - .020 White Vinyl Door Hangers

Vinyl Door Hangers

SKU: DH5/020

.020 White Vinyl plastic Door Hangers 3.25 x

10 in. Screen-printed, any bleed edge. Copy

changes in multiples of 500 add ...

DH6/020 - .020 White Vinyl Door Hangers

Plastic Hanger

SKU: DH6/020

White vinyl rounded corners doorknob hangers

.020 thick with round corners 4x9 Screen

printed any bleed edge. Copy change...

DH3-4CP - White PVC Plastic .020 Doorknob Hangers

PVC Hanger .02


White .020 thick Plastic Doorknob Hangers,

this stock rectangular shape comes with

square corners, size: 3.5 x 8...

PDH1 - 14pt Cardstock Doorhanger

Cardstock Hangers


Card stock Doorknob Hanger 3.5 x 8.5, 14 pt

thick 4 color process printing on both sides.

Free electronic proof when your...

PDH2 -  14pt Cardstock Doorhanger

Door Knob Hangers


14 pt Cardstock Doorknob Hanger 3.5 x 8.5 in.

4 Color Process Both sides / Tear-off coupon

1.875 x 3.5 in. Free electronic proof when...

PDH5 - 14pt Cardstock Doorhanger

Card Stock Hangers


14 pt Cardstock Doorhanger 4.25 x 11 in four

color process both sides, free electronic proof

when your file supplied to our...

choose the cardboard or white PVC plastic or even the vinyl door hangers, you can print

your logo on the rounded or square corners of the item with 4 color digital process or just

old fashion method silk screen printing using .020 white colour material with bleed edge

Jun 06/23

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