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SSD01 - White Permanent Vinyl Decal - Printed Products


SSD01 - White Permanent Vinyl Decal

Our White Permanent Custom Vinyl Decals are a great choice indoors or out when you are looking for a durable,

permanent label. Vinyl Decals are often used indoors to add a personalized touch to electronics, appliances,

guitars and more. Similarly, consumers often add them to outdoor sports equipment such as skis, snowboards,

bicycles and helmets. Government agencies as well as large and small business often use this style of decal on

vehicles for fleet marking identification. This digitally printed decal in full color can be customized to any shape or

size you need. Choose white decals for the best result on opaque surfaces, or select our clear decals for use on

glass and other transparent surfaces.

Qty/Product 500 1000 2500 5000 10000 25000
SSD01-A - 1.01 Up to 4 Square Inches 2.02 1.15 .52 .30 .21 .13
SSD03-A - 7.01 Up to 16 Square Inches 2.25 1.40 .76 .55 .46 .39
SSD05-A - 24.01 Up to 36 Square Inches 2.54 1.67 1.02 .83 .74 .67