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Promotional Products

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At Sterling Promotions, we have products for all price ranges and in a variety of

categories including promotional tote bags, drinkware, business and desk gadgets..

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Capsul card holder

Capsul Card Holder

Capsul is a colorful, compact and wise card Holder

that fits comfortably in your pocket. It's an original

product in which you can bring your cards...

Pewter Gift Ideas

Custom Pewter Gift Ideas

Coolers and Bags

Insulated Cooler Bags

Executive Travel

Executive Travel Promotional Items

Plastic Clips

Plastic Promotional Items

Here is our selection of Plastic Promotional

Items including letter opener bandage

dispenser, tube squeezer...

Key Rings

Custom Flexible Key Rings

Create your own custom key rings, all styles

can be personalized with your design, these

key fobs comes in variety...

Insulated Colossal Grocery Tote

Insulated Colossal Grocery Tote

Keep your food hot or cold with the insulated

Colossal Grocery Tote!. Support a green

environment with recyclable...

Promo Balloons

Custom Printed Latex Balloons

Fabric Printing

Custom Fabric Printing

Earth Friendly

Earth Friendly Promotional Products

Personal Care

Personal Care Items

Seasonal Items

Seasonal Promotional Items

When it comes to holiday gift items or Best

Seasonal Products, including Holiday Items and

Christmas Items also Items for Winter and

Beanies and Hats, you can count on us.

Promotional Products

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