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Travel Promotional Items

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Executive Travel Promotional Items with your logo customized such as Travel Sets,

convenient travel set in 1680D polyester pouch, contains a luggage tag, luggage..

1475 - "IBIZIA" Aluminum card holder

Card Holder

SKU: 1475

IBIZIA colored Aluminum Card Holder, push

type opening mechanism, white gift box along

with six compartments...

1574 - Cosmetic Bag

Cosmetic Bag

SKU: 1574

This Personalized Cosmetic Travel bag comes

with two zippered compartment and nylon

lining, it may be decorated...

0928 - Letter opener with ruler and protractor

Letter Openers

SKU: 0928

This Personalized Letter Opener featuring

removable blade in this item, comes with 4

inches long ruler and...

1972 - Upbeat Water Resistant Waist Bag

Waist Bag

SKU: 1972

This is an upbeat Water Resistant Waist Bag,

complete with adjustable strap and zippered

main compartment...

1282 - Two tone foldable beach mat

Fold Beach Mat

SKU: 1282

This two tone Foldable Beach Mat is made of

tubular polypropylene material, water and sand

resistant, comes with...

1530 - Bamboo Towel and Box

Towel and Box

SKU: 1530

100% Bamboo viscose towel inserted in a

beautiful bamboo box, on these Organic

Bamboo Towels you may add...

1071 - Head massager with metal handle

Head Massager

SKU: 1071

This Manual Head Massager provides a unique

scalp massage sensation, comes with metal

handle, shaped...

9749P - Adult Size Poncho

Adult Poncho

SKU: 9749

This Printed weatherproof adult size Rain

Poncho is 0.14 mm thickness made from

PVC plastic complete with hood...

0481 - Suit Bag with Leatherette Trim

0481 - Suit Bag

SKU: 0481

Micro fibers water-repellent Custom Suit Bag

with leatherette trim and handle, main zippered

compartment with hole...

1297 - Stainless Steel Two-tone Money Clip

Money Clips

SKU: 1297

This Custom Stainless Steel Money Clip comes

in Two-tone it is Individually boxed. Your

Personalized logo is...

0879 - 8-Function Multi-tool with LED Light

0879 - Multi-Tool

SKU: 0879

This Personalized Multi-tool complete with

8-Functions and LED Light it is made out of

stainless steel and wood...

0510 - Folding manual mini umbrella

Mini Umbrellas

SKU: 0510

This Telescopic folding Mini Manual Umbrella

comes complete with matching nylon sleeve,

stored in silver plastic...

General Information

belt and metal suitcase lock, or colored aluminum card holder, push type opening

mechanism, 6 compartment, white gift box and highly polished two-tone stainless

steel money clip, laser engraving on front included in the price, oxidation not

available on this item or manual telescopic umbrella with matching nylon sleeve,

stored in silver plastic case stainless steel shaft, a handle and woven carrying strap.

Feb 21/23

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