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Giveaway Items for Businesses

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These Giveaway Items for Businesses are branded giveaway items for your next

event. We custom print and personalize promotional products for all types of events

Thunder Stix

Thunder Stix

PL-3874 - PROMOSPINNER® - Heart


Hand-shaped Clappers - NM104

Hand Clappers

OD206 - 54" Inversion Umbrella

54" Umbrella

Light 'N Whistle Key Tag - PL-0880

Light 'N Whistle

PL-4145 - Express Multi-Functional Rally Wear

Rally Wear

PH - Power Horn

Power Horns

PL-0471 - Funky Foam Flyer

Foam Flyer

PL-0916 - Mini Metal Pin Point Toy

Pin Point Toy

PL-3632 - RUBIK'S® Mini Twist-A-Snake


TW901 - Cooling Towel In Pouch

Cooling Towel

TATTOO-MLEAF - Maple Leaf Waterless Tattoo

Waterless Tattoo

Events Items - -1 - - 2


such as music, sports and food festivals just to name a few. At Sterling Promotions

we personalize all types of gift products for your company event and help you create

a great show for your occasion, items such as antenna and car flags, playing cards,

noisy sticks. Try our special items such as printed hand clappers, flyers, power

horns, mega-phones, banner banger, custom masks, cooling towels, hand clappers,

paddle ball and flying discs any many more, we have your event products solutions

and personalized small gadgets.

Jan 15/23

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