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At Sterling Promotions we personalize all types of gift products for your company

event and help you create a great show for your occasion, items such as antenna



CT-808 - Light Up Mini Fan

Light Up Fan

CH-359 - Friendship Bracelet

Friends Bracelet

T897 - Foam Squirt Cannon

Foam Cannon

CT-578 - The Glarus Silicon Wrist Band

Wrist Bands

CK-246 - Whistle Coil Key Chain

Key Chains

PH - Power Horn

Power Horns

CT-475 - Football Rocket

Football Rockets

CT-470 - Fold-Up Flying Disc

Flying Discs

CH-220 - The Cabo Paddle Ball Set

Paddle Balls

H710 - Very Kool Cooling Towel

Cooling Towels

PMP30 - Plastic Megaphone


HC-100 - Hand Clappers

Hand Clappers

CT-361 - iPhone Megaphone Speaker

iphone Speakers

MPH03 - Mini Power Horn

Power Horns

NSTB9 - Noisy Sticks, Custom Shapes

Noisy Sticks

CFDA - Car Flag

Car Flags

AF - Antenna Flags

Antenna Flags

CY-POPBOX-C - Popcorn Box

Popcorn Boxes

FM-CUSTOM - Custom Shape Masks

Custom Masks

HF-MOUSTACHE - Movember Moustache Hand Sign

Hand Signs

MEGA-10P - Mega Phone


RH-NUMBER1 - Number 1 Rally Hand

Number 1 Hand

BB-2000 - Banner Bangers

Banner Bangers

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and car flags, playing cards, noisy sticks. Try our special items such as printed

hand clappers, flyers, power horns, mega-phones, banner banger, custom masks,

cooling towels, hand clappers, paddle ball and flying discs any many more, we have

your event products solutions and personalized small business gadgets.