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and Customized ideas, made for your business from Sterling Promotions

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Wireless Chargers

Wireless Chargers Pads and Phone Stands


Food Containers

Biodegradable Paper Food Containers


Protective Equip.

PPE Protection Equipment


Giveaway Items

Top Promotional Giveaway Items


Bob Dale Gloves

Bob Dale Gloves


Events Gadgets

Giveaway Items for Businesses


Wooden Boxes

Small Wooden Display Cases


Lucite Embedment

Custom Lucite Embedment

We provide all types of custom Lucite

embedments, including awards squares and

columns also sandwiches...


Lunar USB

Custom Branded USB Flash Drives

These Custom Branded USB Drives available in a

wide variety of sizes, shapes and designs, and in

sizes ranging from 1GB of memory...


EL208 - Business Travel Accessories

Business Travel Accessories

These Business Travel Accessories include a

Universal Travel Adapter, Desktop Mobile Radio,

Boompods™ Boomtag, Magnetic Wireless...


Personalized Safety Products

Personalized Safety Products

Custom Personalized Safety Products, Logo

printed Ensure you and your brand is seen with

this safety items such as Hard Hats, Mechanic...


Home and Garden Promotional Items

Home and Garden Promotional Items

In addition to home Promotional products garden

items can be a great addition to your collection

for the garden. Here are some recent products...


PPE and Safety Items

PPE and Safety Items

Personal protective equipment PPE protects you

Including gloves, gowns, shoe covers, head covers,

masks, eye protection, face shields, and goggles...


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