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TRAINER On-the-go Salad Bowl

SKU: KP8805

7 inches diameter x 4 in. H. ABS Plastic. Salad bowl with tray, fork and salad dressing

container, instructions included. TRAINER On-the-go salad bowl is BPA free and..

KP8805 - TRAINER On-the-go Salad Bowl

FDA compliant. Topping tray with four

compartments plus an area in center to hold

dressing container. Removable dressing

container nests in tray. Dressing container

has a twist lid. Lid has snap closures. Fork

slides into lid for storage. PAD 1C - 1 w x 1.5.

H top left/right.

PAD 1C - 2 W x 1 H bowl front/back

Qty/Product 40
Price 7.62
Blank 6.98

Sept 17/23

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