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Custom Plastic Cutlery

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Plastic spoons for kitchen, logo half cup scoop are 2 of 12 Custom promo Plastic

Cutlery you can personalize, they are practical for any kitchen or as a promotional..

12104 - Coffee Measuring Spoon

Ground Coffee Measuring Spoons

These Coffee Measuring Spoon are attractive

ergonomic design to measure your favorite

morning blend...

12102 - Measuring Spoon Set

Plastic Measuring Spoon Set

Add some [spice] to your next promotion with

our attractive measuring spoons, this set is

manufactured using...

Morrison Wheat Fibre Utensil Set

Wheat Fibre Utensil Set

Morrison Wheat Fibre Utensil Set, wheat straw

cutlery with PP Plastic case. Cutlery set

includes fork, spoon...

BHW64K - Kitchen Scissor

Kitchen Food Scissors

Kitchen Food Scissor. 3.38 W x 8.75 L x 0.5 in.

H. High quality corrosion resistant scissor

makes food...

Custom Printed Plastic Pan Scraper

Soft pliable plastic Pan Scraper making this

promotional product a versatile kitchen tool.

For 4 color process...

NIMOY Bamboo Spork - KP9729

NIMOY Bamboo Spork

NIMOY Bamboo Spork, 1 W x 6.5 inches long

lightweight and eco-friendly 100% Bamboo.

A spoon on one...

HS2305 - EGG DROP™

EGG DROP Wireless Speaker

5.3125 D x 1.0625 H, base. 3.75 W x 3.75 H,

egg. This bamboo and acrylic EGG DROP,

levitating wireless...

Mamma Mia Pizza Cutter

Personalized Pizza Cutter

Mamma Mia Pizza Cutter, 3.625 inches

Diameter. Stainless steel blade. Easily slices

pizza, quesadillas and more...

12110 - Lunch Set

Custom Spoon and Fork Set

Designed by Audrey Deschênes-Picard, this

Lunch Spoon and Fork Set, it can be printed

on any plastic color...

BT28CT - 25' Carpenter Tape Measure

25 ft. Carpenter Tape Measure

25 ft. Carpenter Tape Measure. 3.5 w x 3.3125

h x 1.75 d. Rubberized finish makes handling

easy. Perfect for...

Gather Large Mesh Produce Bag

Gather Large Mesh Produce Bag

Gather Large Mesh Produce Bag Black drawstring

with toggle closure 50D Polyester Mesh Front solid

middle panel for decorating Full mesh back...

KP8805 - TRAINER On-the-go Salad Bowl

TRAINER On-the-go Salad Bowl

7 inches diameter x 4 in. H. ABS Plastic.

Salad bowl with tray, fork and salad dressing

container, instructions...

giveaway screen, printed with your logo in one color or digital 4 color process print,

including plastic spoons and half cup scoops or plastic containers, magnetic bag clips,

personalized poly pan scrapers or battery operated handy bag sealer with your logo also

plastic kitchen knives with attractive design combined with large imprint area result in an

outstanding value for your next culinary promotion.

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