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Engraved Name Tags and Badges

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Custom engraved your text on a plate of your choice the way you type it in on your

order, if you use UPPER and Lower case letters that is how your plate will be made

Engraved plates

Engraved Plates

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Choose from a variety of custom engraved

nameplates with aluminum holders, we

customize the plates...

Membership Cards


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Choose from these Personalised Membership

Cards, name badges or security name tags,

they are made out of white...

Decorated Tags

Decorated Tags

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Luggage, Identification and bag tags as well,

these quality personalized plastic and metal

from Sterling Promotions...

Printed Badges

Printed Badges

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Combine the quality of white molded plastic

badge with the speed and economy of paper

inserts, the ultimate reusable...

engraved, or first letter upper and the rest lower cases or If you use all CAPITAL letters that

is how plate will be engraved. If you want capital letters on one line and lower case on the

other just type in your text exactly how you want it and that is how it be engraved on plate.

Custom Engraving