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Anti-Sleep Headset

SKU: APC-1057

Anti-Sleep Headset SOS Fatigue is a tool to help you avoid falling asleep at the

wheel. A headset that will allow you to remain alert, awake and concentrated..



Anti-Sleep Headset - APC-1057

With fatigue being the third cause of death on Quebec roads, this device is not only

useful for car drivers but also for all drivers: Taxi, Bus, Truck, Boat, Industrial

Machinery. All other types of vehicles. An ideal tool for owners of transport fleets of

all types in order that their drivers are driving in security.

Anti-Sleep Headset SOS Fatigue will ring if your head tilts to the front, while you are

on the verge of fall asleep. You will then be notified of the situation.

Take note that this device should not be the only precaution taken to prevent

tiredness. To activate, press the ON-OFF button. Check operation by tilting the

device forward so that it emits a sound. Position behind the right ear, with a

maximum forward tilt of 15 to 20 degrees. After use, set the device to OFF.

Store away from sunlight and humidity.

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Jan 27/23

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