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Here are few of the Top Promotional Giveaway Items for your busy daily schedule,

comes in handy to promote your business such as the Clip-It 1 oz Moisture Bead..

Silicone Bottle Carrier - WKA-CS17

Bottle Carrier

Neoprene Oven Mitt - WKA-OM15

Oven Mitt

Mini Humidifier - WOF-BH20

Mini Humidifier

Paper Straw 10-Pack - WHO-VP19

Paper Straw 10

Telescoping Straw With Cleaning Brush - WHO-SS19


Napoli Pizza Cutter - Pizza Cutter

Pizza Cutter

Water Bag - WKA-WB15

Water Bag

Neoprene Pot Holder - WKA-GN13

Pot Holder

WHF-CE17 - Plush Eye Mask ComfortClay® Hot/Cold Pack

Plush Eye Mask

WHF-CL17 - Plush Large ComfortClay® Hot/Cold Pack

Hot/Cold Pack

WHF-PE15 - Plush Eye Mask Aqua Pearls™ Hot/Cold Pack

Plush Eye Mask

WHF-CW18 - ComfortClay® All-Purpose Wrap

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Hand Sanitizer. Features: 62% ethyl alcohol.1 oz FDA approved antibacterial gel

Citrus scented with aloe and vitamin E moisturizing beads. or the Hand Sanitizer.

Features: 62% Ethyl Alcohol. 0.34 oz pump spray hand sanitizer. Carabiner pen clip

lid Citrus scent. ORM-D label required and many more.

Jan 18/23