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Writing Instruments

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writing instruments for advertising from Sterling Promotions are one of the least

expensive giveaways of advertising, these effective promotional giveaways, such as..

Deborah Pen

2079 Highlighter

Verda Pen

P2107 - Verda

Exotica Pen

2109 - Exotica

Avalon Pen

P2123 - Avalon

Champion Ballpoint/Highlighter

203 Highlighters

Challenger Pen/Flashlight

2058 Challenger

P238 - Touch Pen/Flashlight/Stylus

P238 - Touch

P2158 - Evolution Pen/Light/Stand


Kenora Pen

2126 - Kenora

Parkhill Pen

P2124 - Parkhill

Pep solid frozen Pen

P2110 - Frozen

Sunnybrook Pen


Sierra Pen

P2140 - Sierra

Santon Pen

P2130 - Santon

Radford Pen

P2132 - Radford

P2359 - Zeus LED Pen

P2359 - Zeus

Montrose Pen

P2135 Montrose

Gibson Pen

P2141- Gibson

Silver Champion Pen/Highlighter


Urban Pen

P2119 - Urban

Promo Products


Writing page 1


Pens No. 2


Pencils # 3


logo decorated, light-up and banner pens personalized with your design screen

printed on plastic or engraved on metal pens, including highlighters, mini

screwdrivers, pull-out ad pens and specialty penz, promo stylus, markers, crayons,

pencils, with erasers, carpenter's style pencil, with pen boxes and pouches, they

can be customized as well same design as your other decorated writing Instruments.

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