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PPE Protection Equipment

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Personal Protection Equipment, PPE Products, high visibility clothing, including

CO 2 Detectors, Nitrile Gloves. Infrared Forehead Thermometer it is a Quebec..

3M N95 Surgical Mask - APC-1428

3M N95 Surgical Mask

SKU: APC-1428

3M N95 Surgical Mask No 8210, used primarily

in clinical and hospital settings and intended

for healthcare professionals...

CO 2 Detector

CO 2 Detector

SKU: CO 2 Detector

CO 2 detector gives you a clear and precise

indication of the level present in your

environment. It uses the...

All-purpose antibacterial disinfectant wipes

Disinfect Wipes


All-purpose antibacterial disinfectant wipes,

our antibacterial wipes contain 75% alcohol.

They are ideal for hands...

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Gloves


Nitrile Gloves. Premium latex and powder-free

nitrile gloves for sensitive hands. The content

of the latex and powder-free...

Portable Disinfection Sprayer

Portable Sprayer

SKU: APC-1432

Portable Disinfection Sprayer, our disinfectant

sprayer allows you to keep your belongings

clean at all times due to...

PhoneSoap Pro

PhoneSoap Pro

SKU: APC-1407

PhoneSoap Pro - UV Sanitizer. Disinfect your

cell phone in 5 minutes, Disinfect your cell

phone from germs and...

PhoneSoap 3

PhoneSoap 3

SKU: APC-1406

PhoneSoap 3. Disinfect your cell phone in

addition to recharging it. You charge your

phone every day, but how...

Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Forehead Thermometer

SKU: APC-1349

Our digital Non-Contact Infrared Forehead

Thermometer is an accurate instrument that

can be used with employees...

Infrared Thermometer with Integrated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Infrared Thermometer

SKU: APC-1387

Our infrared thermometer with built-in sanitizer

dispenser is an accurate instrument that can

be used with employees from...

Protective Masks Case

Protective Mask Case

SKU: APC-1365

Protective Mask Case. As you know, wearing

a mask is mandatory in closed and partially

covered public places...

Social Distancing Badge

Distancing Badge

SKU: APC-1388

EGID Social Distancing Badge / 100%

autonomous!. A distancing badge that allows

the wearer to ensure that...

Anti-Fog Lens Cloth

Anti-Fog Lens Cloth

SKU: APC-1377

Anti-Fog Lens Cloth. A lens cloth that prevents

fogging in regular and sports glasses, visors,

screens, and more...


production thus encouraging local purchase. We have placed great emphasis on quality,

comfort and durability. There is no doubt that our protective visors and protective masks

are adapted to our reality, especially in this summer period when protective visors are

becoming more interesting than masks, particularly for breathing

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